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  • Leadership and Community Action, Girls building their leadership skills and creating lasting social changes in their communities.....

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Walk in Girl's shoes, envision ones S.E.L.F.

Girl's Rights:

1. Be who we are all the time

2. Feel our individual feelings

3. Express our feelings

4. Voice an opinion without being laughed at

5. Have the same opportunities as boys

6. Gain confidence and self-esteem

7. See and hear ourselves in the same powerful, positive way we see others advertised

8. Be President

9. Reproductive choice and abortion

10. Love whomever we want

11. Decide to raise a child with or without a man

12. Demand respect

13. Depend on ourselves

14. Be listened to

15. Be portrayed fairly and accurately

16. Be free

17. Stand up for ourselves

18. Tell about abuse/ tell secrets that hurt us

19. Control our physical, emotional, intellectual

20. Say "no"

21. Wear mini-skirts without being judged for it

22. Our own publications

23. Have women’s football on TV

24. The same opportunities as boys wherever we are

25. Enter any career we choose

26. Break down the glass ceiling

27. To be a model without make-up

28. Not have to defend rights for us

29. To be heard without age discrimination

30. Express our femininity without shame or embarrassment

31. The remote control

32. Depend on the people we choose to depend on

33. Be self-confident

34. Economic power

35. Speak out

36. Be feminists (if choose too)

37. Travel

38. An education

39. Buy and inherit property

40. Learn girls’/Women’s her-story

41. Learn about history without gender and age bias

42. Be aware of resources to create change

43. Be female activists (if choose too)

44. Promote awareness about ending stereotypes about us that some girls still follow

45. Positive images of us in the media

46. Work in nontraditional jobs like fishing crews and construction

47. Be unique

48. Freedom of thought

49. Feel safe

50. Be religious or non-religious

51. Optimum health

52. Choose a guy of their choice (providing he's available)

53. Be creative

54. Get help when needed

55. Equal rights under the law

56. Equal funding for sports

57. Our opinion

58. Equal access to equipment for sports

59. Speak out about biases and correct them

60. Organize meetings

61. Give out information on girls’ and children’s rights (once approved)

62. Urge government to ratify (approve) girls’ and children’s rights

63. Protest by defying unfair rules

64. Raise the consciousness of people in schools and in our communities

65. Organize strikes and protests

66. Experience strength in acting together

67. Try to remedy co-education with single-sex schools for girls

68. Enlist the support of boys in the Girls’ Movement

69. Change the point of view of anti-female commercials

70. Scandal

71. Have girls’ self-esteem training

72. Change old rules and customs

73. Not be shunned because of our background

74. Think

75. Be successful

76. Bo as you please

77. Live

78. Be happy

79. Love

80. Have fun

81. Be beautiful

82. Defend these rights

83. Make these rights public

84. Support people who stand up to injustices

85. Stop sexual abuse, including incest and Female Genital Mutilation

86. Conduct her-story classes ourselves

87. Educate others, including younger kids (under 8 ) older people

88. Go to the highest officials to begin change; school board meetings

89. Be on school boards and boards of organizations dealing w/all issues

90. A special counselor or committee to deal w/school problems for girls

91. Equal pay

92. Food and shelter, basic needs like water and clothes

93. Medical research

94. Choice of health care

95. Intimate, personal learning experiences in school other institutions

96. Fair representation in law

97. Be protected by police, courts

98. Privacy

99. Enjoy a safe environment

100. Use all the rights we have now


The Hall Group Inc. Marketing & Consult Services

Know How 2 GO (ages 8-19)

Stay Teen (13-19 only)

College for TN (ages14-28)

Looking for My Sister

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Women of NASA

American Girl's Dolls (ages 4-15)

Kid Sites (ages 3-10)

Planet Sox

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Reading Rainbox:

Read a Book * Start a Bookcub

  • Get your friend (s) together to start a Bookclub at your School
  • Write a play on a Black History Event
  • Have Black History Tea Party
  • Perform an Afro-American Dance
  • Disney Present 1st Nation Princess Day


  • The Market Place will be selling "Chicago Hots" at our Autumn Fundraising including Cider-tea Tasting...
  • Hot Dogs Tasting this 8/31-9/7/15

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  1. Urban/Community Gardens
  2. Plant a food garden in your Community Call us! we'll tell you how
  3. Let's plant a garden @ your school contact us at 313.244-9765

SELF USA working with students on the "Green Projects"

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September: Trunk Sales from Fashion Week

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SCHOOL Board Post: School Being 9/8/2015


  • finding the right HS program for you
  • start looking into a college
  • check on financial support
  • voluteer in the area for your career
  • find a support team
  • Write out a plan of action
  • Stay Focus
  • Request help if needed
  • Actively listen
  • Avoid stress
  • Empower SELF


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  • Southfield High Goes to Washington
  • Prepare the shoes you're want to walk in
  • Implement your goals
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  • "An Angel Wings " Foundation:

    Kennedi & Ryan Mercedes

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